Advisory Fact Sheet

My Mission: “To make a positive difference in the lives of others helping them create the future they would like to live.”

Integrative Coaching-The Heart of well-being

A Drink of Water in the Desert

I Believe

  • Once aware of a need for change the best time to move towards change is Now.

  • Most people would benefit from an advisory/coaching relationship.

  • Finances and relationships interact powerfully.

  • It is never too late to begin to improve our circumstances.

  • Our lives are meaningful when aligned with our purpose.

  • A coaching relationship is a structured process but is also dynamic and client centered.

  • Professional networks are essential in an increasingly complex world.

  • Coaching/advisory relationships should focus on client values.

  • In data based advising/coaching.

  • The beginning of a plan is better than no plan and a fully integrated plan is best.

Things To Know About Me

  • As a coach and financial advisor, I focus first on understanding your values, goals and vision for the future and then coach you towards “how to get there.” I believe that I am uniquely positioned to help you “get there” by drawing upon my experience of over 25 years as a school principal and teacher, 16 years as a certified organizational and personal coach and 10 years as financial services experience.

  • I maintain active memberships in coaching and financial services organizations.

  • As a client and I determine the need for and benefits of utilizing a support team of experts I provide networking among other professionals. For coaching complex organizations, I have developed a team of other coaches, mediators and attorneys. I am happy to collaborate with those in your network.

  • My education has equipped me well for coaching and advising: BA Sociology, MS Education Administration, MA Theology, Certified Coach (Hudson Institute) Certified Life Skills International, Certified Mediator, and Investment Advisor Representative.

Advisory / Coaching Specialties

  • What to do when “You Drop the Ball”, Overcoming failure or loss

  • Creating movement, purpose, vision with individuals towards personal accomplishment

  • Crisis Management

  • Renewal

  • Overcoming inertia: personal empowerment and transformation

  • Decision making among multiple alternatives

  • Financial Planning: Personal and Small Business with specialty in insurance and long-term care

  • Transformation

  • Organizational Cultural Renewal: Beliefs, Values, Mission and Vision aligned with Operating Principles

  • Leadership

  • Relationships

  • Improving Performance

  • Mental Health: Addressing suicidal ideation

  • Mental Health: Navigating the murky waters of mental illness, Building Networks of Support

  • Starting over

If awareness of reality is necessary for intentional change, then the key to getting unstuck is a Watershed Moment. This is an event or period marking a turning point in a course of action or a state of affairs. You become aware that the current course of behavior is unacceptable and you determine to initiate personal movement with a goal of creating change. You decide to investigate integrative coaching. I am committed to helping people create a vision for their future and to coach towards their agenda, not my agenda for them. I help by establishing a relationship built on trust and safety and I generate hope through realistic encouragement based on practical strategies for achieving your specific goals.