INTEGRATE: To make whole or complete.

watershed moment

Watershed Moment

If awareness of reality is necessary for intentional change, then the key to getting unstuck is a Watershed Moment. This is an event or period marking a turning point in a course of action or a state of affairs. You become aware that the current course of behavior is unacceptable and you determine to initiate personal movement with a goal of creating change. You decide to investigate integrative coaching. I am committed to helping people create a vision for their future and to coach towards their agenda, not my agenda for them. I help by establishing a relationship built on trust and safety and I generate hope through realistic encouragement based on practical strategies for achieving your specific goals.

What is Coaching

Coaching is the discipline and art of helping an individual, group or organization create the future they would like to live. It is a relationship with a focus on others to influence their growth which develops and empowers them.

Coaching is about aligning behavior with core values and beliefs while establishing a mental framework and structure for action based on integrated purpose, vision and goals. To ensure clarity of purpose and process we use a common defined language where core values and beliefs are defined, understood and embraced.

As a coach, I help others establish their vision for the future and provide strategies for how to get there. Coaching really is about accountability and motivation for helping people get results. In essence, I provide reality based hope and a resource for solutions.

Coaching has many facets, strategies and focal points. An example is how the stories of our past influence the present (current reality) and how beliefs can operate like voices or "life commandments" which may or may not be true but have powerful impact on our behavior (often without our even realizing it). Another example is when the obstacles of our current situation prevent success. We have an idea of where we would like to be in life yet we have no idea of how to overcome the obstacles so we remain stuck and frustrated.

Many people have a running dialogue with themselves which I call “self-talk.” Self-talk reveals aspects of our story; that is, what we believe about ourselves and where our life is heading. For those who are stuck, disoriented, uncertain, confused and who might have “dropped the ball” quite often they think in negative feedback loops which is self-talk which reinforces unsuccessful behavior. My coaching helps people define and acknowledge their current reality. I ask people to tell me their stories and I listen for patterns of thought, life commandments, obstacles, themes, and major people or events which have influenced who they have become. As I listen to their story I discover their strengths and begin to help them identify how they might use their skills, aspirations, beliefs and values to create their future. In coaching we disrupt negative feedback loops and help identify new frames of reference for decision making and create a structure for personal or organizational change with a goal of improving the future.

Often people want to know the difference between coaching and counseling. While integrative coaching does link the past with the present the primary objective is to improve the future. Counseling is about solving or overcoming painful problems of the past in order to provide stability. Coaching is about achieving goals today to create a better future. Coaching is about performance issues and accountability to stay motivated. In some instances, integrated coaching helps create an extended network of professionals, including counselors, who work together on behalf of the client to maximize the coaching effectiveness.

Integrative coaching is the organization of various traits, feelings and attitudes into one harmonious personality. It is designed to make one whole or complete. This is the Heart of our well-being for in being whole we have the best opportunity to move from aspects of disintegration (being stuck, disoriented, uncertain, confused and - for some of us- those who have “dropped the ball”), to integration and personal transformation. For me, coaching is a process which includes several components. First is the Watershed Moment- which is that moment in time when one realizes they want to change and decide to do something about it-Next comes the transition from being stuck towards establishing movement towards change. The transition is focused on the linkage and alignment of differentiated elements of who you are with the goal of integration, or personal wholeness. It is the heart of well-being from which change or transformation is possible.

Why Consider Coaching

  • To enhance and improve relationships

  • To get unstuck

  • To get an outside and safe perspective about areas of your life you may wish to improve

  • To be more satisfied with life

  • To make a positive difference

  • To overcome obstacles

  • To get support in dealing with someone who is suffering from mental illness

  • To improve performance

  • To clarify your purpose and vision in life

  • To experience reality-based change

  • To develop leadership qualities