In our discovery interview we determine if there is a good coaching match.
If so, we define what being healthy means to you and we outline the coaching steps and processes to help you get there.

Value Assessment: What Does Healthy Mean To You?

Hold On

Let Go

Take On

Move On

What We Do

The Discovery Process: An interview for the purpose of understanding the current situation, to identify any major areas of concern and to determine the possible value of implementing a coaching contract.

Design a coaching contract: We define the specific objectives and outcomes we hope to achieve through the coaching process.

Implement the coaching contract.

As appropriate establish a network of support.

  • Family Members

  • Counselor

  • Psychiatrist

  • Medical Doctors

  • Community Services

  • Specialists

  • Laboratory diagnostics

  • Pastor, Rabbi, Priest, Other

Evaluate progress/adjust as needed.

Conclude coaching contract (provide ongoing support as needed for sustainability).